of a Priest of the Catholic Church
the Rev. Father Serafino Dal Pont

The revelations about the remotest origins of the universe and the paternal and maternal origins of Man which have been given to the tried and tested figure of Fr. Guido Bortoluzzi and contained in this book, are an encouraging example of the nearness of the ‘Living God’ to His creature, the man of our times, who especially needs clarity and assistance in the state of abandonment in which he has been left by self-contradictory science and by a weak and divided faith.
There are so many pages of Holy Scripture that remain obscure, and so many inaccuracies have been introduced into their interpretation. Here is the reason why the Lord came with an answer to the pastoral concerns of a true and humble priest of our times, who sought to understand in depth the message of the Word of God.
The true theologians are the mystics and Saints because they are in communion with the ‘Living God’ and enter into union with the supernatural, placing their confidence not so much in themselves as in God. Whoever has the gift and the liberty of spirit to be able to accept this new divine favour, will finally understand the tragedy that took place at man’s beginning, a tragedy that at once distanced us from both the image and the likeness of God. And this, as Scripture has always taught, by a free choice: by the distrust and rebellion against God of the father of all men.
The reader, then, will understand better the necessity for the whole of mankind to be radically healed by the pure Blood shed by the New Adam, the Christ, for men of all races and all faiths, on both the physical-emotional-intellectual level and on the spiritual.
Few are aware that the wish expressed by the Angels at Bethlehem at the birth of Jesus was for “a perfect likeness to the All-High into men” so that, through that Child, they might again become ‘perfect’ as was mankind at its original creation.
Only then will God be truly glorified and the Earth find its own peace.
How happy I am that the Lord, Ruler of Heaven and Earth, should have chosen from among our native mountains a humble priest in an insignificant corner of our great planet, to bring so much light and joy to the whole world!

Father Serafino Dal Pont
Consolata Missionary

London, 12th September 2002
Feast of the Name of Mary,
the ultimate, supreme Lady and ‘Mother of all the Redeemed’