To the right are the photos contained in the book. They are taken out of the file in order to facilitate the download of the book.

Family of Don Guido

View of Alpago Valley over the lake Santa Croce

Don Guido (to the right) in front of the presbytery of Chies d’Alpago

The same presbytery seen from the west

Plan of the presbytery of Chies d’Alpago

Map of the promontory and plain

Measurement of the ancestors

Outline of a fetus and a parturient’s abdomen - (2)

The first dwelling

Map of the buildings

Reconstruction of the same building  - (here in colors, free computer elaboration)

Eve on the ladder

Scenes of a daily life

The last meal of Abel

The man against God

Creation of any new animal species

Creation of the human species

Genealogical trees in the earth paradise

Comparison of the heights of Adam and “Eve”

Proportions and characteristics compared with the modern man